Repair of refrigerators

Repair of refrigerators

Refrigerators don’t really make things cold so much as they take away heat. Inside a refrigerator, it is working to carry the heat energy and pump it outside the appliance. The end result is the same, the temperature inside the freezer drops.

Air Conditioning Installations


Air Conditioning Installations – Professional Systems

Our professional split air conditioning systems are intended to be professionally installed. However, we have many customers who have found our air conditioning systems easy to install themselves.

Washing machines


How do washing machines work?

Washing machines have come a long way and have quite a history. The modern evolution of the washing machine has brought us to two main types of machines, the top loader and the front loader. With either machine you fill it with your clothing or other linens, put in some detergent and turn it on. They are directly hooked to water lines which bring water into the drum and mixes with the detergent.

Quality repair 24 hours a day in Jerusalem!


Fast professional quality repair 24 hours a day in Jerusalem!
Washing, drying, machines, dishwashers, electric furnace and conditions.

Honesty and punctuality.

Call us: (054) 4496323

At home or in the studio.
Guaranty on all kinds of repair!

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